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About Me

My name is Jason Romans and I work on the Microsoft business intelligence stack.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my wife. I grew up in Southern California in the town of Perris.

My first computer was a Commodore 64. Since then I have been hooked on computers. I would go to the computer show at the fairgrounds to buy all the parts to build or upgrade my pc. Building my newest PC was a different experience since all I had to do was click to purchase the parts and wait for them to arrive.

I did not grow up being into fitness or sports. But once I moved to Nashville I got involved in running with the East Nasty group (a great place to meet people) and strength training with Nashville KettleBell. Both Nashville Kettlebell and the East Nasty running group changed my life for good. Up until that point I really had never done any strength training. Nashville Kettlebell has since closed but I finally found a new home in Mt Juliet CrossFit.

I like to read books - trying to balance not just reading technical books. I like inspirational stories where people have gone beyond what they thought was possible and the latest fictional series I have been reading is the detective series of Bosch.

Cooking is something we all do out of necessity but I think it is something I enjoy. It can be cathartic taking all of these individual components and creating something that brings enjoyment to people. As of this year, I also have a smoker and have started to use it more frequently.

I love roller coasters and going to theme parks. We try and visit DollyWood when we can. One of the people I follow on Twitter is Dr SQL who also runs a picture a day account on Twitter for Disney and Dollywood. Always a great way to brighten the day.

On the weekends you may find me at the lake running SAG for my wife and her paddleboard. Or I may be behind the camera at church filming the service (and you thought Cloverfield had a shaky camera). Volunteering in the production team is definitely outside my normal world. They have a different language and skill set that is impressive.