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· 4 min read

Transitioning to a new data source

One of the data sources that I use in my data models is from Netsuite ERP. To access the data I am using SQL Server Integration Services with an ODBC driver going through the SuiteAnalytics Connect service. Netsuite has deprecated the current data source that I am using - I am in the process of transitioning everything to the newer analytics data source named Some tables have been pretty straight forward but with different column names. One of the instances where it became more complex is with the General Ledger tables which require joining 3 or more tables whereas in the older data source it may have only required 2 tables. The table that I thought would have been straight forward but ended up requiring some investigation was the Accounting Period table.

· 4 min read

An issue with DBeaver and the Netsuite Suite Analytics Connect ODBC Driver

When using DBeaver to connect to Netsuite SuiteAnalytics Connect using the ODBC drivers some columns may return blank or NULL. If you are just starting to investigate the schema this may lead to a lot of confusion and thinking that you do not have full permissions on the table. One way around this is to use the JDBC driver instead of the ODBC driver for DBeaver.

· 5 min read

Static Data Model

The Static Data Model can make working with the Netsuite SuiteAnalytics Connect new data source more informative. Regardless if you are just starting to use SuiteAnalytics for the first time or you are tasked with transitioning an existing project to the analytics data source. It is beneficial by allowing you to see all the tables and fields regardless if you have the necessary permissions.