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· 5 min read

I didn't want to wait until the new year to start outlining my goals for 2023. Moreover, I did not want to wait till New Year's Day to start making progress on these goals. Going to PASS Summit I always return home inspired. Sometimes I don't even wait until I get back home to try some of the things I learned at Summit. I love being surrounded by others that share the same passion for the technology I work with. They challenge me to continue learning all that I can about the topics that I work with and that interest me. This time I left with a lot on my mind about speaking and blogging. What had I done since SQL Saturday Jacksonville 2022 to get closer to those goals?

· 5 min read


Originally this started as a page on the website that did not change. The idea behind listing out what I was currently working on was that I would have a snapshot of the technology that I was currently using as well as what I was learning. But as I revisited this page, I realized it was going to change over time and really should be a blog post. A good example would be how when I started building Tabular Data Models I spent all my time in Visual Studio. Now I rarely open Visual Studio for developing the data models but still use it for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).